Gamzee is one of the minor characters of the current WITCTTM. His zodiac sign is Virgo, and his MBTI personality type is ISTJ. His main characteristic is his stern outer appearance, while on the inside he's not as stable as people see him. He's Demiromantic, and also Demisexual.

Biography Edit

Gamzee was one of the first characters to enter, stay in the house, and become apart of WITCTTM. When they were in the old house, he was seen as an antagonist, therefore he tried to murder several people and even his own friends/acquaintances. He went through major character change and development over the 5 month period and house transition.

During the 5 months, it's unknown of what happened, but Gamzee didn't move along with the others, due to the absence of Erisol.

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