Dave Strider is one of the main characters of WITCTTM. With having Pisces as his zodiac sign, and INFP as his MBTI type, he's known to be one of the kindest of not the kindest character of the chat. He's also Asexual (sex positive), Demiromantic. 


Current Dave

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Dave in his "normal" shirt

Biography Edit

Dave was a minor character in the "Old House", and is now a main character in the current household. He makes an appearance at least every day, along with Kankri Vantas. He hasn't changed much overtime, unlike Gamzee Makara, Kanaya Maryam, Meenah Peixes, and other characters that have had changes in their development.

During the transition of houses, Dave was hesitant at first, claiming he doesn't want to leave "all the memories", but after a while of thinking, he decided to move on with them. It meant he was moving on to another house without John Egbert, his partner. It affected Dave quite a lot, as he is later seen snapping and finally lashing out at Kankri after many signs and hateful gestures from him for being close to Karkat. He went on about how Kankri still had his parter, and he didn't. Storming off afterwards to cool down, he left the room with Kankri feeling guilty as he realized the truth.

He reunited with John on August 12, 2015 when the 5 month period was over. Currently, he is happy and back into a relationship with him.

Personality and Traits Edit

Dave has a very kind and passive nature to him. Also not to mention very intuitive and empathetic. He's mostly an optimist, but there are times he can get pessimistic as well. It's clearly stated that he dislikes fighting, conflict, murder, and any kind of violence when it's not necessary. It's shown that he's very quick to grow attached to people, but it only happens to a few. Dave is acknowledged to be emotional and sensitive to others. On the bad side, he's prone to mood swings and can quickly feel different at the drop of a hat. He's also shown to have extreme social anxiety when talking to people he's not fully open with. Known for his politeness and kindness, he's nice to most people. There are many times in which he says something he then finds rude, and quickly apologizes afterwards, even if its someone he dislikes.

There has been only but two times in which Dave has displayed aggressive behavior towards someone. They were both Kankri, and only one of them was physical. The first time was when Kankri was getting over-protective of Karkat, thinking Dave will "steal" him from Kankri. After many displays of aggression and rude behavior from him, Dave finally snapped and told Kankri off before storming into his room. The second time was when Kankri suddenly punched Dave's arm, with him pushing back in response. Followed by many insults and name calling, Dave walked away, winning the fight.

Dave has a huge love for music. His favorite band being "Imagine Dragons". But he still claims to love all types of music in a conversation with Lil Hal. He still inherits his interest in Paleontology, as well as in irony. It's also revealed that he takes part in drawing as well.

Being emotionally and mentally supportive of those he cares about, he also seems to be fiercely protective of them. He will sacrifice himself, and many other things to help a friend in need. When stressed or conflicted, his behavior changed completely. He's a lot more quiet, and he doesn't joke around as much. His emotions are all over the negative scale. Dave is also confirmed for being one that's quick to cry.

Relationships Edit

John Egbert Edit

Dave is in a relationship with John, and had a crush on him before they transitioned houses. It is unknown if they were in a confirmed relationship then, but they are now. They're both supportive of each other, and are constantly joking around or laughing with one another every time he gets to see John. They're shown as close, and great partners. It's safe to say, they have a healthy relationship.

Lil Hal Edit

Lil Hal and Dave seem to have a very close friendship. They take part in each others shenanigans, and refer to themselves as brothers. Dave describes his feelings towards Hal many times in conversations with Kanaya and Kankri, standing up for him as well. Some of the quotes being, "He's like my brother.", "I don't care, he's not just a 'copy', he's an actual being.", "Hal has emotions and feelings just like we do, and he should be treated just like any other person." and "I wouldn't let you kill him, I wouldn't harm him in any way at all."

When Dave returned to the house after 3 days of being away, Hal (being extremely concerned about him) ran up to, and tightly hugged him when he asked. Their hug lasted more than 2 minutes, until Terezi came in, causing them to separate and end the happiness of the moment.

Kankri Vantas Edit

Dave and Kankri are both in tune with their emotions, and both loving and caring towards their partners. But when they're together, Dave can slightly get irritated by Kankri's behavior sometimes, but he stays quiet about it, not wanting to hurt him. Other than that, they seem to get along quite well and communicate about their feelings pretty easy too. Kankri is shown to seemingly "look up to" Dave. As a role model, or best friend.

Kanaya Maryam Edit

Kanaya treats Dave like any other person, except she's a little less harsh on him. Most likely due to him being "very nice", but it doesn't mean she cares much for him. They have a good flow of conversation going most of the time, although Dave can kind of become uncomfortable around her because of her negativity and neglect of others feelings/well-being.

Karkat Vantas Edit

Nothing is really shown, but it is only stated that Dave and Karkat were best friends for a while. They're both water signs, so that could indicate that they were/are good friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Dave was actually a little more bold and assertive in the beginning. Later on he got more timid and emotional.
  • Dave and Davesprite are actually quite different in personalities. Davesprite is more straight forward and assertive, whilst Dave is well...Dave.
  • The only two people Dave claims to be attached to are John Egbert and Lil Hal.
  • A few of Dave's favorite songs are, "The Fall", "Smoke and Mirrors", and "Tiptoe", all by Imagine Dragons.

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